Confessions of a lonely traveller

Pirita beach, Tallinn (Estonia). 2018.

Hello everybody, this is Jacopo.

Last week I took out my hidden suitcase and I have put in to it my travel memories from my last trip in Tallinn and Helsinki. Here I have a lot of personal stuff, notes, pics and so on and probably nobody cares too much about it. I mean, those are common things after a solo trip, millions of people come back to home with the same things. Let me say, I’m Mr. Nobody but I started wondering if there could be someone who wants to know about my experiences. And the answer is yes.

For sure there is at least on guy who is interested to this stories. I’m talking about me. I think this place could be the best way to express myself, my status and what’s going on to an older Jacopo that one day will want to remember his past.

I’m not sure what exactly will be this place (a diary? a travel tips blog? something else? I really don’t know), but the only way to get it it’s to make it. Or to open it.

So lets do it!

It’s time to open my hidden suitcase.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a lonely traveller

  1. Ciao Jacopus, sono contenta che tu trovi interessanti i miei articoli sul blog “e anchevivere è un’ arte”
    La tua idea della valigia nascosta come diario di viaggio è originale.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ciao Emilia! E’ un piacere leggere i tuoi post, ho trovato spunti davvero interessanti. Grazie per aver dato uno sguardo al mio.
      Alla prossima!


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