Tallinn: from past to present (day 2)

Yesterday I did the tour of the Old Town (Tallinn: the old town – day 1) spending my time in the ancient atmosphere of Tallinn. There would be a lot to say about the night life in Tallinn, but I want to talk about that later. So, let’s skip this for now and let’s focus our attention on my second day in Tallinn. It’s time for me to move out the city center: today I’m going to the Estonian Open Air Museum.

TALLINN: FROM PAST TO PRESENT (day 2: agust 7, 2018)

Just a 20-minute by bus from the center of Tallinn at Rocca Al Mare, the Estonian Open Air Museum is an amazing place where it is possible to see the country’s rural architecture and way of life in the 18-20th centuries. Born to be a summer residence area for the Tallinn citizens, now at Rocca Al Mare there is a life-sized reconstruction of historical villages, farms, a church, an inn, a school house, amazing mills, a fire station, a shop and fishing sheds by the sea. It’s possible to participate to lovely workshops and events, have really funny entertainment, buy handicrafts, ride horses, and try traditional Estonian dishes at the inn.

Me at the Estonian Open Air Museum. (Rocca al Mare, 2018)

For the whole tour of the park, I spent there something like five hours. Inside there is the reconstruction of a tavern where I had my lunch, otherwise there are some nice spot where is possible to have a picnic. Take your time and explore the park, if it is a sunny day don’t rush and try to enjoy the Estonian culture as much as you can. If you have the Tallinn Card you don’t have to pay the ticket for the Estonian Open Air Museum. Same story for the nearby Zoo Adventure Park. Everyone who has been there told me that is a really beautiful place but, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time so I decided to skip this stop and come back to Tallinn at the Maritime Museum.

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Going to the Maritime Museum I had a walk at Kalamaja. This neighborhood was an old village inhabited by fishermen, but today is well known to be the hipster district of the city. His wonderful wooden houses and the smell of the sea in the streets makes this neighborhood one of the most colorful and enjoyable of Tallinn.

The icebreaker Suur Tõll. (Tallinn, 2018)

In the Seaplane Harbor there is the Maritime Museum. This is also a “free entry” place with the Tallinn Card. In those hangars it’s possible to see Lembit (a submarine), Suur Tõll (an icebreaker) and lot more. Just a few steps from the harbor there is the Patarei Prison. This was built as sea fortress in the 9th-century but from 1919 to 2004 was used as a Soviet prison. Dark, oppressive and gloomy, just walking nearby the park of the prison is possible to feel the tension that this place radiates. After that I made a walk to the city center by the promenade. One of the best ways to end this day.

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