Iceland: into the Langjökull (day 2)

October 29, 2018. Day 2.

After 40 hours I finally fell asleep on a bed while outside was snowing. The next morning, when the alarm-clock rang, I was completely groggy; just the time to have a quick breakfast and I jumped again on my car. Outside everything was white: the snow was everywhere! At the end of October, in Iceland the sun rises at half past nine (more or less), so there would be no sun for the next two hours. I followed google maps up and down the Icelandic hills in the middle of a snow storm. Not a good choice and probably I asked too much from my car and my nerves, but at the end the sun rose. Like the sun, I arrived at the meeting point of my guided tour: the second glacier of Iceland, the Langjökull.

From the meeting point our guide drove us through the famous route 550 to the base camp with a gigantic monster truck. There, after a quick preparation about the basics of operating a snowmobile, I finally ride my snowmobile to the ice tunnel. Outside it was really cold, the wheater wasn’t so good, but the ride was absolutely magnificent. This man-made ice tunnel, located 1260 meters above sea, is really nice: there are a chapel, amazing games of light, it’s possible to taste the melted water and to see the line of time marked by the dust of the volcanic eruptions in the ice. Every eruption leaves a layer of lava ashes on the ice, so it is easy to see the sign of every eruption. As reminder of the tons of information buried in the ice, the guide told to us frequently “what happens in the glacier stays in the glacier”. Absolutely true.

After the tour we came back to ours snowmobile. Flying down between snow and ice, in the middle of the glacier, where everything is white and cold, it has been for sure one of the best moment of my life.

Jacopocus into the gacier. (Iceland, 2018)

After this amazing and cold experience I finally had my lunch: vegetable soup, lamb soup, bread and coffe. Delicious!

Jacopocus eat at the table. (Iceland, 2018)

In the afternoon I went to the largest cave in the world, the Cave Víðgelmir. This spectacular and natural cave carved by the lava has amazing lava formations that lurk in the depths of the earth. The guide was brilliant and explained to us a lot of secrets of the island like “If you liked our traditional food then you didn’t try it for real”. Absolutely true.

Jacopocus in the cave. (Iceland, 2018)

After the tours, for me was time to go to bed. I was a bit disappointed because the sky was still cloudy: there weren’t any chance to see the northern lights that night. For the night I have reserved in a pretty pod where there was a nice hot tube too. After a bit of relax, I went to sleep. Tired but happy.

See you next time with Iceland: Egill’s saga (day 3).


5 thoughts on “Iceland: into the Langjökull (day 2)

    1. Hai perfettamente ragione. L’Islanda mi è entrata nel cuore e la voglia di tornarci già domani è tantissima. Non c’è stato un solo posto che mi abbia lasciato indifferente. Stupenda.

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