Jacopocus on the road: 2018

Hello everybody!

Welcome in this new year. This 2019 started at the best for me. I spent some days away from home, at Catania, enjoying the weather, the food and good company. In the next days I’ll start to write about my last trip in Sicily and I’ll finally complete my notes of Iceland. I am sorry it is taking so long, but I’m doing my best. Anyway, today I want to show you 9 pics for the 9 places I have been in 2018. Just a quick recap of some instants etched in my mind. I hope you enjoy it.

Milano (06/03/2018)


Roma (17/03/2018)


Berlin (27/04/2018 – 01/05/2018)


Firenze (15/06/2018-17/06/2018)


Tallinn – Helsinki – Haapsalu (06/08/2018-12/08/2018)




Iceland (28/10/2018-03/11/2018)


Catania and Taormina (31/12/2018-04/01/2019)


See you next week. Bless!

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