Jacopocus on the road: just a quick recap.

“Test yourself in unusual situations, to discover new cities, new people and new cultures.”

In the summer of 2008 I made my first solo journey. I was 19 years old in a limbo between high school and university. While I was thinking to my future trying to make the right decision for me, that summer I spent 20 days in Ireland: I visited Cork, Galway and (obviously) Dublin. I left Italy alone with a bag, a scholastic knowledge of English and a great desire to discover. That one has been a unique experience for me, something really special that changed myself a lot. The guy who went home from that magical country was for sure a different Jacopo.

I have always seen the travel’s world as a way to test yourself in unusual situations, to discover new cities, new people and new cultures. For sure, it is an opportunity to grow as a person and learn how the world works: that is something that has always tickle my mind, at least from what I remember.

After that first experience in Ireland, however, partly because of the university, the flow of time and a little (lot) of laziness, I have never went abroad for a long time.


Then finally arrived the 2018 and close to mine fatefuls and hatefuls 30 years and almost 10 years since my first and only solo journey to adventure and discovery, I decided to resume that thing pending between me and the rest of the world. Full of fears and thoughts, but with a great desire to take that suitcase in hand, in the end I threw myself and once I booked and taken that plane for Berlin in April everything became easier.

I spent 5 wonderful days in one of the youngest and most multicultural cities in the world: Berlin. Then I packed my bags to discover Tallinn in Estonia and Helsinki in Finland: a week in August for relax, cities tours, saunas and baths in the Baltic Sea. Finally in October I had the opportunity to go for 8 days to Reykjavík, go around the west coast of Iceland, bathe in the Blue Lagoon and see the northern lights: magnificent.

2018 gave way to 2019, reaching my 30th birthday.

The initial idea was to celebrate it leaving the European continent: I think I am ready for US. Unfortunately this april has been touhf at work and at the end the money is not so disgusting, that is why my US project has been temporarily put aside. Maybe 20 days of travel away from work was too much, but 5 days at the end of the month are ok: let’s go on journey!

The choice of destination was quite easy in this case: I searched among the cheapest flights for a European capital with departures from Verona. On the top of the possible destinations Norway leapt surprisingly. Perfect!

I am going to Oslo!

Norwegian flag.

See you next time. Bless!

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